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Berrien County Record April 3 1873




DIED, March 20th, 1873 at his residence in the Bend of the River, Asa W. Batchelor, aged 58 years and 7 months


"Rest Weary Hands,

Under the silent sands -

Toil is no more they share;

Banished from thee are pain and care;

Under the friendly sands,

Rest, folded hands!


"Sleep, azure eyes,

Under the changing skies.

Ne'er shall the glistening tear,

Tell of a sorrow hovering near,

Under the changing skies,

Sleep, tearless eyes!


"Lie, wear form,

Safe from afflictions storm.

Never again shall pain

Crush thee within it's chain.

Sheltered from every storm,

Lie, painless form!


"Rest, true kind heart,

Far from all griefs apart-

That which hath laden thee,

Lightens, at last, and thou are tree.

Far from all (unreadable)

Rest, sweet, kind heart!


"Fly unbound soul,

Home to they heavenly goal -

Find there, to lose no more

The well-loved ones that went before.

Home to they cherished goal

Fly, blessed soul!