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      Family Line Page

      Welcome to my family genealogy page. If you have any corrections or additions please contact me at "Web Page Contact"

      This is a work in progress. Information was gathered from many sources and only with the help of many "cousins".





      Living Flemming
      b. 1936
      Fayette County, PA

      Living Weitzel
      b. 1939
      Livingston County, MO



      Milo Manlove Flemming
      b. 1882
      Grant County, IN

      Hazel Virginia Neese
      b. 1901
      Hamilton County, OH

      William Howard Weitzel
      b. 1902
      Berks County, PA

      Dicy Mae Swihart
      b. 1914 OK


      Great Grandparents

      Marion Francis Fleming
      b. 1854
      Grant County, IN

      Sarah Ellen Kelly
      b. 1853 IN

      Martin Allison Neese
      b. 1862
      Hamilton County, OH

      Carrie Ann Moore
      b. 1866
      Clermont County, OH

      William Weitzel
      b. 1869
      Berks County, PA

      Ida May Fillman
      b. 1888
      Chester County, PA

      Joshua Sheldon Swihart
      b. 1883
      Livingston County, MO

      Bertha Ann Ash
      b. 1897
      Carroll County, AR


      Great Grandparents

      Elmus Fleming
      b. abt 1817, possibly Muskingum County, OH

      Julia Ann Badger b. OH

      David Kelly possible b. OH

      Charlotte Thomas possible b. IN

      Martin Van Buren Neese b. 1842
      Hamilton County,OH

      Caroline Snodgrass b. OH

      William Moore b. 1839
      Clermont County,OH

      Elizabeth Gardner b. 1843
      Clermont County, OH

      Franklin Weitzel b. 1842
      Berks County, PA

      Mary Ann Englehart b. 1844
      Berks County, PA

      Andrew Fillman b. 1853
      Chester County, PA

      Anna Martha Greaves b. 1859
      Berks County, PA

      Martin Van Buren Swihart b. OH

      Sarah Jane Davis b. 1848
      Huron, County, OH

      George Washington Ash b. 1873
      Carroll County, AR

      Isabell Brake b. MO


      Great Great Grandparents

      John Fleming b. 1773
      Kent County, DE

      Jane Hayes b. 1779
      Marion County, WV

      Daniel Badger b. VT

      Hannah Malott b. MD

      Timothy Kelly (Possible) b. SC

      Avis Sleeper (Possible) b. NY

      Daniel Thomas (possible) b. NC

      Rachel Way (possible) b. NC

      John Neese b. PA

      Lydia Whallon b. OH

      William Snodgrass b. OH

      Nancy MNU b. OH

      Enoch Moore b. KY

      Nancy Stivers b. PA

      Meacom Gardner b. OH

      Nancy Kirgan b. OH

      William Weitzel b. 1801
      Berks County, PA

      Sophia Yeager b. PA

      Jeremiah Englehart b. PA

      Rebecca Mell b. PA

      John Fillman b. PA

      Mary James b. 1831
      Chester County, PA

      William Henry Greaves b. ENGLAND

      Catherine Kohl b. PA

      John Swihart b. 1815
      Most Likely, Washington County, PA

      Mary Mikesell b. PA

      Charles Davis b. 1823
      Orange County, NY

      Susan Batchelor b. NY

      Jacob Ash b. TN

      Ellen Francis Henry b. IN

      William/Bill Brake b. UNK

      Missouri Jackson b. UNK