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Elmus Fleming, a Pioneer Citizen of Grant County, Dies Suddenly

Elmus Fleming, one of Grant County's pioneer citizens was found dead near his home in the northern edge of Richland township last evening. Mrs. Fleming had been away from home for the day visiting friends and returned about 5 o'clock and could see nothing of her husband. She called but received no answer. She then hurried down the road to a neighbor's and informed them of her fears and soon the entire neighborhood was out searching for the old gentelman, about 9 o'clock they came upon him, lying on his back with his face upturned to the stars, about sixty rods from his house. He was removed to the house and this morning Coroner Boyd and Undertaker Diggs were summoned to the place and viewed the body. The deceased had been for years a sufferer of Brights Disease, rheumatism and other ills, and it seemed the opinion of all about that the death had come upon his suddenly while discharging the errands about the farm. The deceased was seventy six years old and has lived in Grant County nearly all his life. He assisted in clearing away the forest from the place where Grant County's court house now stands. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10 O'clock at Somersette.

Friday 10 Jun 1893 - Daily Chronicle - Marion Indiana