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Isaac Weitzel - Estate - Transcription


Renunciation and Request Filed 3 Sep 1901

Inventory Filed 13 Sep  A. D. 1901

Decedent died March 25, A. D.  1898/1901*

Letter Issues 3 Sep A.D. 1901

(two dates of death are stated in the will 25 Mar 1898 and 25 Mar 1891)



Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Berks County ss


In the Matter of the Estate of Isaac Weitzel, Deceased


To Levi Mabry, Esq. Register for the Probate of wills and Granting Letters and Administration for the County of Berks, in the state of Pennsylvania, the undersigned being the children and legal heirs of said decedent, who died in the Township of Spring, in the County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania on the Twenty fifth day of March A. D. 1898 at 12 o'clock midnight intestate, and leaving personal estate not exceeding in value $300 and real estate, less incumbrance, not exceeding $250, do hereby renounce right to have letters of administration on said estate issues to and do hereby request you to grant the same to Charles Weitzel and Levi F. Mohn.


Witness our hands and seal this second day of September A. D. 1901


James Weitzel  - Seal

Isaac Weitzel - Seal

Samuel Weitzel - Seal

Kate Mohn - Seal

Rebecca Gromis - Seal

Lizzie Witman - Seal

Sallie Weitzel - Seal

Henry Weitzel - Seal


Sealed and delivered in the presence of

David Sharman

John Gromis

George Witman