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Transcription of Estate of Reuben Weitzel


Renunciation and Request Filed January 9, 1892

Petition filed January 18, 1892

Bond filed January 25, 1892

Order of Sale sur Real Estate filed Feb 20, 1892

Account of Amos B. Roberts Admin. of Reuben Weitzel Dec. Filed April 9, 1892

Adjudication with Account, Statement and Notes of Proceedings attached.  Filed June 10, 1892



In the matter of the Estate of Reuben Weitzel deceased.


To Henry S. Strunk, Esq., Register for the Probate of Wills and Granting Letters of Administration for the County of Berks in the State of Pennsylvania,  Esther Weitzel, Franklin Weitzel, Catherine Burkett and Amelia Weitzel the undersigned being the widow and children (residing in said county) of said decedent who died in the township of Maidencreek in the County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania on the thirty-first day of October A. D. 1891 at 12 o'clock P.M. intestate and leaving personal estate not exceeding in the value of $50 and real estate, less incumbrance, not exceeding $100, do hereby renounce their right to have letters of administration on said estate issued to them and do hereby request the same to Amos B. Roberts.

Witness our hands and seals this thirtieth day of December  A. D. 1891


Esther Weitzel - her mark

Frank Weitzel

Catharine Burkert

Amelia Weitzel


Sealed and delivered in the presence of

O.B. Roberts

Aaron Weitzel





Estate or Reuben Weitzel deceased


The Account of Amos. B. Roberts, administrator, after due publication in accordance with the last and the rules of Court, was called for Audit on June 6, 1892 and adjourned to June 7, 1892 when the audit was closed


The decedent died, intestate, on the 31st day of October, A. D. 1891 leaving to survive him the following issue, viz:


1.  George Weitzel, a son, of age.

2.  Franklin Weitzel, a son, of age.

3.  Isaac Weitzel, a son, of age.

4.  Jacob Weitzel, a son, of age.

5.  Aaron  Weitzel, a minor son.

6.  Catherine Weitzel, a daughter, of age.

7.  Elizabeth Weitzel, a daughter, of age.

8.  Emma Weitzel, a daughter, of age, and

9.  Amelia Weitzel, a minor daughter.