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Samuel Weitzel Estate - Transcription


Death March 28, 1931

Letters of Administration Granted April 4, 1931

Renouncement filed April 2, 1931

Request filed April 4, 1931

Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory Filed April 11, 1931

Distribution Statement of Mary H. Hoffman, administratrix was filed on April 11, 1931



In the Orphan's Court of Berks County

State of Pennsylvania


ESTATE OF SAMUEL H. WEITZEL, late of the City of Reading, Deceased.


THE ACCOUNT of Mary H. Hoffman, Administratrix, after due publication in accordance with law and the Rules of Court, was called for audit, December 1, 1931 and adjourned to December 4, 1931, when the audit was closed.





For the Accountant.



Samuel H. Weitzel died on the 28th day of March, 1931 intestate, survived by his widow, Rebecca Weitzel and a daughter, Mary H. Hoffman.


The account contains principal proceeds of personal property and shows a balance due the estate of $211.48. Accountant asks allowance of the sum of $3.00 cost of recording a release. Such credit will be granted.


Mary H. Hoffman, daughter, by assignment dated the 29th day of September, 1931, sold, transferred and assigned her title and interest in her father's estate to her mother, Rebecca Weitzel. Said assignment is hereto attached and made a part of this record.


Balance due the estate, as appears by the account filed,                         211.48

Amount of additional credits                                                                      3.00



To Edward R. Deem, Esq. Adj. costs                                                       3.00



To Rebecca Weitzel,                                                                            205.48


Note:  The foregoing distributive share is subject to deduction for inheritance tax, payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Account, Statement, ? , are hereto attached:  And It Is Ordered  And Decreed that Mary H. Hoffman, Administratix as aforesaid, do pay the distribution to the persons respectively entitled thereto.


And now, December 12, 1931, this report is confirmed nisi; and in the absence of exceptions, filed within ten days herefrom, such confirmation shall become absolute, as of course.


By the Court

F. A. Marx