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      Family Wills

      Welcome to my family genealogy page. If you have any corrections or additions please contact me at "Web Page Contact"

      This is a work in progress. Information was gathered from many sources and only with the help of many "cousins".


      Will of David Batcheller d. 1766

      Will of John Batchelder d. 1754

      Will of Alexander Fleming d. 1847

      Will of Beniah Fleming

      Will of John Fleming d. 1828

      Will of Nathan Fleming

      Will of William Fleming d. 1784

      Will of Frederick Weitzel

      Will of Christian Weitzel

      Estate of Isaac Weitzel d. 1898

      Estate of Reuben Weitzel d. 1892

      Estate of Samuel Weitzel c. 1931

      Will of Daniel Weitzel d. 1888

      Will of Michael Weitzel d. 1845

      Will of Sophia Yeager Weitzel Heck d. 1894

      Will of Peter Swihart d. 1861

      Will of Meacom Gardner d. 1890