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Descendants of William Howard Weitzel



Generation No. 1


1.  William Howard Weitzel  (William5, Franklin H.4, William3, Christian2, Frederick1) was born Jan 04, 1902 in Berks County Pennsylvania, and died Feb 29, 1984 in Brookfield, Linn County Missouri.  He married Dicy May Swihart Mar 16, 1929 in Carthage , Jasper County Missouri, daughter of Joshua Swihart and Bertha Ash.  She was born Nov 04, 1914 in Oklahoma, and died Mar 04, 2001 in Chillicothe, Livingston County Missouri.


Children of William Weitzel and Dicy Swihart are:


i.                Mae Elizabeth7 Weitzel, born 1931 in Linn County Missouri; died Apr 21, 1931 in Linn County Missouri.

ii.            Donald Howard Weitzel, born 1932 in Linn County Missouri; died Oct 17, 1932 in Linn County Missouri.

iii.        Robert Claude Weitzel, born Sep 09, 1933 in Livingston County Missouri; died Oct 03, 1998 in Florence, Fremont Colorado.  He married Living

iv.            Dorothy Allene Weitzel, born Mar 23, 1936 in Livingston County Missouri; died Mar 27, 2002 in Brookfield, Linn County Missouri.  She married Arthur Lee Hastings 1953 in Livingston County Missouri; born Oct 11, 1924 in Missouri; died Sep 22, 2004 in Balch Springs, Texas. She married Living.

v.                Living Weitzel

vi.            Living Weitzel married Living Flemming

vii.        James Eugene Weitzel, born Jul 25, 1942 in Livingston County Missouri; died Jun 05, 1995 in Carroll County Missouri.  He married Shirley Ray Harvey 1972; born Sep 25, 1938 in Missouri; died Apr 20, 1996 in Brookfield, Linn County Missouri.

viii.    Thomas Ronald Weitzel, born Jan 22, 1944 in Meadville, Linn County Missouri; died May 22, 1945 in Meadville, Linn County Missouri.