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Reading Eagle, Tuesday November 18, 1890 Front page


Crushed to Death

Henry Muthart Killed In Thalheimer's Sand Quarry


His Body Badly Disfigured - Had Only Been Working There A Few Hours

Henry Muthart was crushed to death at 10:30 a.m. in the sand quarry on the land of A. Thalheimer, near 14th and Oley Sts, operated by John Rhoads.  Muthart had just commenced work there 2 hours before, and commenced digging under a heavy bank of sand, which had evidently been considerably loosened by the recent rains.  Five other men were also working in the quarry but not near the bank. The latter suddenly caved in, and about 10 tons of sand fell on the unfortunate man burying him and his wheel-barrow over 4 feet deep.  A long embankment about 12 feet high had fallen down and the exact spot where he was covered was not known.  It required 1 1/2 hours work to dig him out.  He was found dead, pressed down over the handles of the wheelbarrow, with the back part of his head crushed in, and his left arm twisted and broken.  He was taken out and laid in the same excavation with his face downward and his head covered with his coat, vest, and liat, and the coroner sent for, who held an inquest this afternoon.


Muthard was 51 year years old, and the father of 7 children, all sons, but he did not live with his family.  His family died some time ago and he boarded at John Beadencup's, 637 Birch St. Some years  ago Muthart worked at the Reading iron company's steam forge and made good wages. 


After the body had been recovered the men resumed work, one screening sharp sand that had been dug up in recovering the body, while others hauled sand from tunnels several feet long.


Reading Eagle, Thursday November 20, 1890 page 4


Moothard, - In this city, on the 18th, Henry Moothard, in the 51st year of his age. 

The relatives and friends and employees of Steam Forge are respectfully invited to attend the funeral without further notice, from the residence of his son Wm. D., 529 Moss Street, on Sunday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock. Services and internment at Alsace Church.


Reading Eagle Monday November 24, 1890 Front Page

The remains of Henry Moothard, who was killed by being crushed to death in Thalheimer's sand quarry were born to rest at Alsace, from the home of his son, William D. Moothard, 529 Moss. Services were conducted by Rev. C. S. Gerhard, who spoke from the words "Boast Not of To-Morrow."  The remains were enclosed in a rosewood casket, the plate of which bore the inscription "At Rest".  Four of his fellow employees of deceased served as bearers.