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      Welcome to my family genealogy page.

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      No information on these pages should be taken as "fact". Care was taken to be as accurate as possible but mistakes can and do happen. If you have any corrections or additions please contact me at "My Email".

      This is a work in progress. Information was gathered from many sources and only with the help of many "cousins".

      Main Locations:
      Missouri- Livingston, Barry, Linn, Jackson and Newton County
      Ohio - Hamilton, Huron and Clermont County
      Pennsylvania - Fayette, Berks and Lancaster Counties
      Indiana - Grant and Howard County
      Michigan - Cass and Berrien County
      Vermont - Windsor County
      New York - Orange County

      Use the search option below to search for information. The names listed below are my direct lines only. There are many other surnames not listed.


      Ash, Badger, Batchelor, Brake, Davis, Englehart, Fillman, Fleming, Flemming, Gardner, Greaves, Hayes, Henry, James, Kelly, Kirgan, Kohl, Malott, Mell, Mikesell, Moore, Neese, Sleeper, Snodgrass, Stivers, Swihart, Thomas, Way, Weitzel, Whallon, Yeager and others.


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